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12 Best Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats? 2023

Dogs are more devoted than cats, are more excited to see you after a day apart, and are far more likely to come when you call them. Dogs also offer measurable health advantages, such as reduced cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and higher amounts of “feel-good” hormones in people. Our canine friends like vehicle trips can assist in social connections and can be taught crowd-pleasing skills!

12 Reasons Why Dogs are Better than Cats

1. Training Dogs Is Simpler: 

Dogs are more popular than cats because they are easier to teach. Tricks, etiquette, behaviors, and commands may all be taught to dogs. This may be done for various reasons, including protection and safety, obedience, and even plain enjoyment. Dogs like training because it provides them with duties and allows them to be a pack member. Cats can be taught to some extent, but they will swat the reward from your fingers once bored and run away with it.

2. Dogs like going on walks.

The adage “life is about the journey, not the goal” is true. There isn’t a dog on the planet who disagrees! Dogs like getting out of the home and going on a drive. If you allow them, they’ll probably gladly put their head out the window to feel the breeze on their fur. Of course, certain places are more interesting than others: the dog park, the beach, or forested area with squirrels and smelly things to explore. On the other hand, most dogs are glad to accompany you even if you’re doing errands.

3. Loyalty

Dogs are known as man’s best friends for a reason. They’ll bend their heads, trying to decipher every word you say while attempting to cheer you up if you’re unhappy. Cats will ignore you and continue to sleep. Dogs are such sociable animals that, even when living alone, their calm owners have lower blood pressure and live longer than people who do not own any pets at all.

4. Better Friends

Dogs make wonderful lifetime companions. Your dog will want to stay by your side until it dies. The bond that people feel with their pets is unique. Historical documents demonstrate that we have coexisted and loved dogs for hundreds of years. You can have a dog as a companion for a long time. One who will always pay attention to you, snuggle with you and devote their life to you.

5. They’re Extremely Social

The notorious play bow is well-known among pet owners. Whether your dog has a pleasant wagging tail and his elbows on the ground, he’s asking if the other dog wants to play!

6. Owners should be protected.

The instinct to defend their owners is present in the majority of dogs. If your dog isn’t overly protective of you, they will be highly protective of your goods and home. Dogs will cry and even snarl if they are in danger. Cats don’t care who comes into their house or who comes onto their land. If your cat feels threatened, it will flee on its own, leaving you behind. On the other hand, dogs may defend and even put themselves in danger to protect their owners.

7. Dogs are faithful.

When their owner becomes sick, some loyal dogs never leave the hospital bed. There are hundreds of tales about faithful dogs, and Hachiko is one of the most well-known. Every day, this Akita awaited his owner’s return from his work at a railway station in Japan. After his owner died, the faithful dog went to the railway station to await his owner’s return.

8. It’s scientifically proven that dogs make you laugh.

According to St. Bonaventure University’s Department of Psychology research, dog owners laugh more than cat owners.

Humans who had a dog, cat, both, or none were polled to determine how often they laughed and what made them laugh. Owners of both dogs and cats were found to laugh more than those who had none, with cat owners laughing the least. This explains the grumpy cat’s behavior.

This led Eastern Kentucky University’s Department of Psychology to undertake another research. The researchers videotaped people playing with dogs. The objective was to figure out precisely what made them laugh. It’s no surprise that people laugh the hardest at dogs when they fail at some game element. We all break out laughing if you toss a ball to a dog and the trip in the process.

The second scenario that made people laugh was when a dog did something unexpected or overly dramatic. They, in other words, behave wackily. There’s nothing new here. Any dog owner will tell you that it’s funny when their pet attempts to predict where the goodies are hidden in the cup.

Both types of research came to the same conclusion: laughing is social interaction. Laughter relieves stress and improves one’s quality of life. Our dogs are our companions and make us laugh, making them superior to the gloomy cat.

9. Dogs may detect cancer.

Everybody knows that dogs have the most incredible sense of smell! Humans have approximately six million olfactory receptors, while dogs like Bloodhounds have up to 300 million. Working Dog Center researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have taught dogs to use their sniffers to identify cancer.

Dogs can smell out various compounds found in ovarian cancer via a process called imprinting. Researchers used a blanket to disperse the smells collected from an ovarian tumour. They have the dog repeat the process of detecting each scent. They shrink the covering each time while increasing the fragrance. When the dog has accomplished this, the blanket is obliterated.

Scientists are using this information to develop a gadget that can detect cancer. The chemical that the dogs like will be the one that their sensor design is based on.

10. Dog Good selfie taker

Dogs are encouraged to take selfies and doodle by their trainers. Dogs swipe the screen with their noses to take candid Instagram photos of themselves. The goal of dog training is to reduce anxiety and aggressiveness in dogs. This is based on animal behaviorists’ beliefs that animals taught to perform something have a reduced incidence of fear and hostility.

This may be true. However, we have a hunch that all the pet owners who have registered their dogs for the iPad Masterclass are looking for a dog to shoot their photos. It’s a clever cocktail party trick…

Dogs are also being taught to identify and react to standard instructions typed onto an iPad. The dog reads the command “sit” and then sits down faithfully. What an incredible time to be alive!

11. Dogs Will Sit with You While You Eat

When it’s time to eat, your dog will be close by, ready to share a meal with you. Cats don’t beg for food as dogs do, so you’re unlikely to find one looking at you when you’re eating. Some dog owners eat their meals with their pets. Before sharing human food with your dog, make sure you know what your dog can and cannot eat. Prepare a tiny meal for your dog and enjoy each other’s company while eating.

12. Assist You in Making Friends


Surprisingly, dogs allow you to form more human-to-human bonds.

There are many clubs and meetups centered on dog owners meeting other dog owners, dog play dates, and even dog breed festivals? Do you know what a cat playdate is? No, because that’s just a fantastic dog thing to do! This can happen simply by walking your dog and having children or strangers stop to pet them, or even passing by another person walking their dog and striking up a discussion.

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