Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair? 5 Reasons To Know About In 2022

Why does your cat lick your hair? Your cat is most likely expressing love for you! Cats with a particular connection groom each other often, especially if the cats are related. When your cat licks your hair, it’s the same gesture they’re making to you. It’s an indication that they’re at ease, content, and think of you as a part of the family.

Affection and Love

Cat sitting on girl shoulder

It seems that your kitty adores you! Take this as a compliment since your cat is giving you plenty of love as part of her grooming routine when she begins licking your hair. 

Cats brush the heads of their “selected pals,” something you may have seen at one time or another. If you have several cats or watch cat movies on YouTube, you’ll see that this is a frequent occurrence, indicating that your cat has picked you as one of her particular favorites.

A cat may groom itself by licking human hair. 

If your cat licks your hair, it may be a kind of grooming, similar to how cats groom themselves and other cats.

The texture of human hair may appeal to cats, causing them to want to lick it. 

Human hair is smooth and comparable to cat hair, although it is not identical.  Because of how smooth it is, some cats may be attracted to its texture and find it pleasant to lick.

Claiming Territory

Your cat may be marking you as her territory in addition to expressing love. Your cat is trying to clean you of foreign odors. Claiming you (and your hair) as a part of her territory is done by licking you. She’s using this technique to let everyone (especially other cats) know that you’re hers.

Is it harmful to my cat to lick my hair?

Most cats will avoid it if they smell or taste anything strange (leave-in conditioner, hair oil). If your cat vomits or has diarrhea after licking your hair, you should keep her away from it.

If your cat’s hair-licking habit becomes a bother to you (or to her stomach), leave the room as soon as it begins. “Try not to pay attention to them (even if it means saying ‘no’) when they do it,” says the author.

Using a citrus-scented or apple cider vinegar spray on your hair may also assist your cat keep her tongue to herself.

How to stop the behavior

Some of you will undoubtedly want the hair licking to stop, as cute as it is. The first step is to make sure you aren’t inadvertently promoting this behavior. You’ll be encouraging this habit if you pay attention to your cat while she’s brushing your hair. While your cat licks your hair, you should avoid staring at her, chatting to her, or touching her.  If she likes to lick your hair while resting on the back of the sofa or in a chair behind you, bend forward so she can’t reach it.

If you think your cat is attracted to a hair product you’re using, you may want to switch brands. Citrus (oranges, lemons, limes, and so on) is also disliked by cats, so you may apply a lemon-scented product or spray your hair with a citrus fragrance (they also hate peppermint).

The easiest approach, of course, is to withdraw from your cat’s administrations and go gently.

Your thoughts on cats licking human hair? Why do you think cats lick human hair? Have you met any cats that do this?

Do you think this is a typical habit among cats, or perform you think it’s something that just a few cats you’ve encountered do regularly?

Which of your cats lick your hair if you have them? When are they most likely to do it? What makes you believe they’re doing it?

In the comments section below, I’d love to hear your opinions, experiences, and theories!

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