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Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You? Should I Be Worried?

Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you?  Has your dog always slept with its bum to you, or has it recently changed its sleeping position? Here’s a rundown of the reasons why this is happening: When you wake up from a restful night’s sleep, the first thing you see is your puppy’s bum right next to your face. If this sounds like your situation, you’re probably wondering, “Why does my dog sleep with his butt towards me?”

There are various reasons why your dog may be behaving in this manner, which may appear rude to humans. Dogs enjoy sleeping with people, which can lead to some unusual behaviors. Continue reading to find out why your dog prefers to sleep with his butt in your face. We break down these reasons in more detail and answer some more dog and sleep-related questions, so keep reading!

Is it normal for dogs to sleep with their bum facing you?

One of the most noticed behaviors of dogs by their owners is how they sleep. People sometimes feel worried and annoyed by how their furry pets sleep with their butts on their faces.

It is usual for dogs to sleep that way as it is their instinct. They mean no harm and show their vulnerability to you. These animals also do not mean to show you any disrespect. You must be wondering why your dog lays with its back towards you. It is normal and is one of its born instincts that they show towards any human. Also, it is not something that is a threat to notice but could often be simply a new way to play for them. It might just be a simple reason for being comfortable for dogs to sleep in that way. Something you might know about dogs’ behavior is how they smell other dogs’ back spot scents.

They smell dogs’ butts as a form of greeting them. They also do it to claim them as theirs. This is how they try to show love to their owners. Also, showing their back to you means they have passive trust in you. They often want to be your guardian protector who is always on the lookout for you. We can also acknowledge their loyalty, trust, and faithfulness being shown by them. Your dog may feel cold, so probably for heat, it may be bringing its butt towards you. Sometimes if you see your dog rubbing their butts on carpets or grass or floors, it might be due to parasites and scratching problems. For such a situation, it is advised to consult a veterinary doctor before the threat becomes serious.

Reasons That Dogs Sleep with Their Bum Facing You?

You could be waking up to your dog’s behind for various reasons. The majority of these factors are favorable. So, unless it bothers you, don’t feel obligated to discourage this sleeping position.


Why do dogs sleep with their backs to you? Your dog may be sleeping with its butt facing you due to its love for you and desire to keep you safe. They want to be in an excellent position to protect you if the need arises.

That isn’t to say they aren’t ready to strike at any time. If they need to protect you, they are simply in a better position. If your dog is particularly defensive, be careful not to startle them by rousing them suddenly. 


A big part of why your dog may sleep with its bum facing you may be that they trust you. Facing away from you is a solid signal that your dog is not worried that you might attack them. Not only that, but they trust you to have their back.

You can also tell that your dog trusts you if they sleep on their back and side. Your dog shows trust in a variety of other ways when not sleeping. If your dog seems relaxed and comfortable around you, it will trust you. Wagging their tail and blinking are signs that you are trusted. Often, a dog who trusts you will listen to your commands.

Support this trust by gently interacting with your pup and avoiding displaying any behaviors that may negatively affect your dog’s trust. Your dog may also be more likely to trust you if you are in certain moods. They can tell if you are in an unpredictable mood, and they are less likely to trust you.


Your dog’s sleeping position is sometimes dictated by the same factors that govern yours. Do they appear to be at ease? Your dog may sleep with its buttocks facing you because it is comfortable for them.

Your dog may move a few times in their sleep to adjust to temperature changes. When animals want to get warmer or more relaxed, they often turn to the opposite side. If they’re sleeping in your bed, they may be doing so partly to keep warm. As a result, they might pick a sleeping position based on how hot you are.

Smell Contribution

Dogs have scent glands near their tails, and they may be using those glands to mark you with their smell. This smell shows other dogs that you are your dog’s human. Many pets like to combine their scent with their owners to create a hybrid pack smell.

You’re Encouraging Its Behavior.

Dogs both react to and learn from positive reinforcement. If you’ve been petting your dog’s bum and sweet-talking to it every time it turns away from you while sleeping, you might inadvertently encourage that particular behavior.

With repeated behavior over time, your pup will want to keep its bum facing you because it always gets a good bum massage when it does.

If you don’t mind that your dog turns its bum facing you when it sleeps, it certainly won’t mind either… your puppy will probably take any chance it can get at a good rub once in a while.

However, if you don’t like that your dog sleeps like that, and you want to change its behavior, you shouldn’t do it by punishing your dog for how it sleeps or try to reposition it by yourself.

It would help if you instead used positive reinforcement every time it takes up different sleeping positions. If your dog settles near your feet or turns its belly towards you, that’s when you should pet it to encourage more of that type of behavior.

Pet Requests

If your dog enjoys scratches on the back, this sleeping position could be a simple way to request pets in their favorite spot. If your dog is actively scooting toward you and asking for pets, this desire will become more apparent.

Before you offer your dog some pets while sleeping, think about their preferences. While some dogs enjoy a good butt scratch, others may be startled if they are suddenly approached. If your dog isn’t easily startled, only pet them while they’re sleeping.

Your Dog Needs Some Space.

Sometimes, your pup needs some downtime. Think about it… if you had an active day and someone kept touching you while you were sleeping, you’d probably get annoyed. Even if you keep staring at it while it tries to sleep facing you, your puppy will most likely turn its bum facing you just not to be disturbed if it senses that you’re staring at it.

When your dog is sleeping, try to respect its bliss and let it be. Try to minimize the amount of movement around your dog’s immediate space to allow it to sleep peacefully.

To Avoid Eye Contact

If your dog is timid, he may sleep with his bum toward you to avoid eye contact. This isn’t always a negative behavior. Your pet still needs time to warm up to you. This is especially true if you rescue an abused or neglected dog from a shelter. Give your pet the space he needs.

Your Dog Has Anal Gland Issues

There’s no denying that your dog can do some strange things that can be alarming.

While more common signs include rubbing their buttocks on the floor, your dog may lie with their bum towards you if they have an issue with their anal sac. This is a common occurrence in many dogs caused by allergies, injury, or parasites.

Your dog may be pointing their buttocks at you to say, “Hey!” “Something isn’t adding up!” If you notice your dog is paying more attention to their behind, this could be the case, and you should take them to the veterinarian for an examination.

Should I Be Worried?

Everything your dog does is for a reason. Unless you suspect anal issues, fleas, or ticks, your dog’s butt facing you in their sleep may not be a huge issue. If you suspect any of those reasons or have any other concerns, it is best to speak with your veterinarian to make sure nothing is wrong.

No question is dumb, and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Final Thoughts

Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you?  For various reasons, your dog will sleep with his back to you. He is at ease with you, trusts you, or tries to protect you. If your dog is licking his rump excessively or appears to be ill, take him to the vet right away.



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