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Why Do Dogs Roll In The Dirt? 11 Interesting Reasons

You’ve most likely taken your dog for a walk and seen him rolling around on the ground, in the grass, in the snow, or against animal excrement. Why do dogs roll around in the dirt? There are many reasons why your dog may roll on the ground at certain times, and in this article, we’ll go over the most common ones so you can better understand your dog.

11 Reasons for your Dog to Roll in the Dirt

Despite how surprising it may appear, almost all dogs despise cleanliness. They clean the area where they sit and lick each other to remove dirt, but that’s all they do. The next thing you know, they’re rolling around in the mud. Now, keep in mind that not all dogs do this; in fact, only a few do for various reasons.

1. To mask their smell

In addition, dogs may want to mask their smell, so dogs roll on the ground. All hunting animals that must survive in the wild are also hunting animals searching for food while wanting to protect themselves from possible injuries. To achieve this objective, wolves usually brush with faeces to camouflage their natural smell and not be detected by their prey: it is a hunting technique.

For this reason, dogs act in this way and roll on the ground following this same hunting instinct, although they no longer use it for food. You can observe this instinct when your dog starts chasing pigeons, when he runs after cats, or when he gets the balls you throw at him: although your dog is domesticated, he continues to have these innate characteristics. So, in the same way, a hunter rolls in the mud to mask its odour and deceive its prey, the wolves, and, consequently, the dogs do it. So, if your animal acts this way, you should not get angry at him since he only follows his instincts and will find it quite challenging to change this habit.

2. Because their skin itches

Another reason for your dog rolling on the ground is that his skin may itch or burn. You’ll also notice that it will roll over any surface to relieve its discomfort. As a result, it will roll not only on excrement but also on grass, gravelly soils, and other surfaces. If the animal is systematically rolling on the ground, it could be itchy. The only way to get rid of it is to have your dog examined by a veterinarian. Certain diseases, such as dermatitis, or parasites, such as ticks, can cause severe itching in your dog. Also, if your dog has long hair, brushing it twice a week to remove dead skin cells and prevent itching is recommended.

3. To maintain the dog’s unique smell

People make their dogs’ lives more difficult by bathing them with perfumed soap (even if products are suitable for animals). The ‘dirty’ and ‘gross’ smell for humans is a dog’s unique ID. Dogs communicate with other dogs using their scent, even though it may be unpleasant for humans who have to share a house with them. And if we think that dogs like bubble baths and talcum powder. We’re wrong. If it were up to dogs, they would rather wallow in horse droppings than take a bath and erase their unique scent.

4. Scratches on the Back

Have you ever experienced a back itch that you can’t get rid of? It’s irritating, and you’re left with the want to do everything to get rid of that nagging itch. Dogs experience itch too, but they can’t touch themselves because they don’t have hands. When dogs are itchy, they usually scratch themselves with their legs or bite themselves to relieve the itching. This strategy, however, does not always work when they, like us, are unable to get to where they need to go. This activity happens when they may have to use alternative ways. Some dogs will rub against the walls or furnishings. Rolling in the soil allows canines to scratch themselves and relieve itches. It might also be a means for them to remove anything from their fur that is upsetting them. It is, nevertheless, critical to maintain a close check on your dog.

If they are scratching themselves more than is typical and do not appear to stop, they should consult a veterinarian. If your dog is scratching excessively, it might indicate fleas, sensitive skin, or allergies.

5. To enjoy the smells and sensations

Dogs enjoy wallowing in dirt, dead animals, and garbage, which we find difficult to comprehend. A dog’s sense of smell differs from that of a human. It’s a lot better. Cow dung may be more appealing to your dog than a high-end perfume.

6. Hunting instinct

Why do dogs roll in the dirt? Dogs, as previously stated, retain some characteristics and behaviors from their wild ancestors. Dogs, like wolves (their closest relatives), must camouflage themselves when hunting prey. So one of the things they do is smear themselves with mud, foul-smelling substances, or even dead animals to mask their scent.

7. It helps them cool down.

Dogs can relieve stress caused by hot weather or stay active all day by rolling around in the dirt. Some modern veterinarians have even suggested that this could be one way to keep dogs from overheating while on walks with their owners.

8. They’re trying to camouflage themselves

Dogs are hunters, after all, so the act of camouflage is not an alien concept for them. But rather than blending themselves in with trees and shrubs, dogs will choose to roll around in gooey, stinky mixtures of soil and decomposing matter to help them blend in with the ground.

9. It’s a natural behavior

Although we humans are unable to relate to rolling around in mud and dirt, dogs have been doing so since they were much wilder and less domesticated. So if your dog is rolling around in dirt right now, it could just be that he’s reverting to his natural state.

10. To show superiority

The objective, in this case, is to demonstrate to the pack that the dog has caught something interesting and therefore deserves praise. The poor dog will be reprimanded by his owners since the smell after a dog has rolled around in the mud or on prey can be unbearable.

11. To Mark their Prey

What do dogs do to demarcate their territory? They urinate all over the place. It instructs the other dogs to avoid him and his pack. Dogs, like humans, enjoy marking their prey, and guess what they used this time? Their smell, not their urine. Yes! That is correct. Dogs celebrate and mark their prey by rolling around it. The odor alerts other dogs that the small animal has already been preyed upon and should not be pursued.

How to Stop a Dog from Rolling In Dirt? 3 Interesting Reasons 

Begin reeling your dogs in and telling them to “Come” as soon as she begins to drop a shoulder to go into a roll. Give them a surprise and praise them when she succeeds, even if it takes a lot of effort on your behalf. Have somebody else go out to the “item’s” location in your yard and dispose of it immediately.

1. Stop Feeding Your Dog Dirt

So many of us give our dogs treats like Cheerios or some other kind of breakfast ‘goodie’ as a special treat. We don’t realize that this is often the first step to them desiring and craving Dirt and mud – and they’re going to roll in it every chance they get! We must stop feeding our dogs anything with Dirt on it or near them. Dogs are likely to move on to some goodies or treats you offer them.

2. Stop Taking Your Dog to the Dirtiest Places

Why do dogs roll in the dirt? Another factor that can increase your dog’s desire to roll in the dirt has nothing to do with how much they enjoy rolling. It all comes down to the chemicals that certain plants and grasses can leave on your dog’s skin. My dogs have come home smelling like a cow pie after walking through a particularly filthy area! The best way to avoid this is to avoid taking them there at all, but if you must, bring an old towel for them to roll around on.

3. Keep Your Dog Washed and Clean

If you keep your dog nice and clean, they will be less likely to want to roll around in Dirt after mowing the lawn or watering the garden. A clean coat of fur is also much easier to brush and clean up after if they roll in Dirt or something else. It would help if you also made it a point to dry them off well afterward and try not to let them get dirty when they’re inside until you can give them a nice bath later.

Conclusion – Why Do Dogs Roll In Dirt

Why do dogs roll around in the dirt? Because it’s in their nature and instinct to do so. We should just let them be and enjoy their little quirks as long as it’s not harmful to their health, right? So the next time your four-legged furry friend rolls around on the ground, consider why they’re doing it. You’ll be surprised at how much your puppy has been trying to tell you without being able to communicate with you all along. If you find this helpful article, please help us share it.



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