Why Do Cats Sleep In A Ball? 6 Interesting Reasons 2022

Why do cats sleep in a ball? Have you ever wondered why cats sleep curled up in a ball? They appear to have an uncanny ability to sleep in the most unusual locations and positions.

They tuck their legs and tails under their bodies to sleep on their stomach to resemble a loaf of bread. However, as most cat parents know, curling up in a ball is the most common resting position. Although we will never know why cats sleep in balls rather than other animals, scientists believe they understand why cats sleep in balls. Sleeping in a ball is most likely the safest, most comfortable, and warmest position for your cat.

6 reasons why do cats sleep in a ball

Curling Up Is Comfortable and Instinctual


While it may not be the most scientific explanation, many cats may curl up before sleeping because it is a more comfortable position!

Cats may prefer to sleep curled up like some people prefer to sleep on their back, stomach, or side.

As a result of thousands of years of instincts, many cats’ “default” sleeping position is curling up into a ball. To put it another way, cats may not have much reason for curling up into a ball and doing it without thinking about it.

That may not seem like much of an explanation, but the following reasons will help explain why this behavior has likely become part of a cat’s hardwiring in the first place.

Curling Up In A Ball Keeps Cats Warm

Cats have a body temperature ranging from 101.0 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, significantly higher than the average human temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. That means cats may have to work a little harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, and curling up into a ball for naps can help reduce heat loss and improve insulation.

The desire for warmth explains why cats prefer to sleep in such unusual places as laps, backpacks, and even inside cat carriers!

Cats aren’t the only animals who do this; most people have seen a dog go through an elaborate and time-consuming circling routine before napping. With a curled up sleeping position, dogs, like cats, seek warmth (along with protection).

But our pets aren’t the only ones who do it and conserving heat impacts everything from a flamingo’s one-legged sleeping position to the curled-up ball that almost every other mammal uses for a nap.

Their Anatomy Allows Them To

Cats sleep in a ball because their spines are more flexible than ours, and they have more vertebrae than we do.

They also have muscle-attached shoulder blades rather than bone-attached shoulder blades. Because of this, they can squeeze through small gaps and spaces.

Human clavicles are connected to the bone, limiting our ability to twist and bend like cats.

They can roll themselves into balls while sleeping because their entire body is more flexible than other animals.

It Is Comfortable


Cats sleep in a ball because it is more comfortable for them. Curling up is by far the most relaxing position.

In the same way that sleeping on one’s side is a very comfortable and natural position for humans, lying on one’s stomach. Cats lie on their sides, just like people, but then curl up into those fluffy balls because it is a comfortable and natural position.

Fitting In Small Spaces

In addition to napping in strange places, cats sleep in a ball because they have a penchant for cramming themselves into the smallest spaces. Curling up in a ball takes up very little space, making it the best option for cramming into tight areas. The sensation of solid ‘walls’ all around them gives them a much-needed feeling of safety and security.

As most cat owners have seen, cats are lured to boxes, tiny ones, and other restricted spaces. They cram themselves inside those niches and boxes, refusing to leave unless it’s essential.

Cats sleep in a ball for normalcy.

One of the less obvious reasons for your cat curling up in a ball is that it’s something they’ve done their entire lives. Many cat owners have rescued their pets from less-than-ideal circumstances.

 If a cat came from a mill or a breeder who forced them into cages, it might come naturally to them to make themselves as small as possible. There isn’t enough room to sit in most breeding cages, let alone sleep. So, if they get a chance to rest, they’ll curl up into a tight ball to take up as little space as possible.

While this is a sad reality for many cats, it happens more frequently than you think. If you’re concerned about your cat’s past, dig deeper into their history to see what you can learn.

 Try not to be concerned if you discover that your cat was confined to a small space with a group of other cats during their time at a mil. Their coping strategy may be sleeping curled up in a ball, but it isn’t dangerous.

 Make every effort to give your cat a better future, even if they have had a difficult past. Don’t worry about them sleeping in a ball if that’s how they’re used to sleeping. Just remember to keep an eye on them and create an environment where they feel at ease and secure.

Should I be worried if my cat sleeps in a ball?

It’s also important to remember that just because your cat sleeps in a ball doesn’t mean they’re sick. Of course, if your cat has never done this before and is now doing it all the time, it could be cold or stressed. Check to see if they are breathing rapidly while sleeping.

In the winter, if your cat starts sleeping in a ball, it could signify that they are too cold. As a result, you should put some blankets in their bed or increase the temperature.

Look for any changes in your cat’s behavior if you suspect they are stressed about something. It would help if you also kept an eye out the window to ensure no animals approach it. A cat diffuser is a great way to help a stressed cat.

If you notice that your cat is still stressed, you should take them to the veterinarian. The last thing you want is for your cat to develop anxiety or a stress-related condition. This could have an impact on their overall health and happiness.

Should you stop your cat from sleeping in a ball?

It’s very important to note that it is not recommended you stop your cat from sleeping like this. This behavior can be traced back to their wild days, which means they are spending time following their instincts and doing what comes naturally to them.

Even if your cat is stressed, when they sleep in a ball, it helps comfort them. The key is to find out what causes the stress.

Conclusion Why do cats sleep in a ball?

So, if you were wondering, “Why do cats sleep in a ball?” you can now take a deep breath, knowing that your question has been answered. Cats are extremely particular about their surroundings and how things are set up.

 You were seeing your cat curled up in a ball all the time may have raised a few red flags that something was wrong or that you had made a mistake. Cats sleep in a ball for various reasons, including protection, warmth, normalcy, and comfort. Although your cat sleeps in a position similar to that of many other species, your cat is still a one-of-a-kind creature, so pay attention to their habits and see what works best for both you and them.

We always want the best for our feline companions, which means they should never be uncomfortable or in pain. It’s always reassuring to learn that your cat isn’t acting in any way that it should because you are a concern. So, the next time you go to bed, rest assured that your best friend is soundly sleeping beside you.


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“Cats need a lot of sleep in order to save energy for hunting behaviors like stalking, pursuing, pouncing, climbing, and sprinting,” she explains. On the other hand, Cats may sleep for wholly human reasons: boredom or mental health.
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Have you ever wondered why your cat sleeps on your chest or lays on your face? On the other hand, Warmth may play a significant influence in this. Your head, armpits, and chest are the hottest portions of your body. So they might be the components your cat is looking for. Your cat may like the sound of your heart pounding.
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The reasons for this vary, but in general, the person looks after them every day. Your cat needs this relationship because they are friendly animals that want love and attention from their owners. They are expressing their love for you by sleeping with you.

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