Why Do Cat’s Meow When You Pick Them Up?

Why do cat’s meow when you pick them up? A cat’s meow can conceal various secrets, making identification difficult for new cat owners. While cats enjoy their owners’ unconditional love, many owners are concerned that their cats will become upset and meow if they are held. It frequently prompts them to wonder, that why cats meow when you pick them up

The most common cause is illness or pain, which causes discomfort when picking up the Cat and leads to a change in behavior. Cat’s meow when they’ve missed you while you’ve been away. They also meow to express their dissatisfaction with how you’re holding them.

Let’s go over everything in detail because there are several reasons why a cat meows when you pick it up or pet it.

Why Do Cats Make Noise When Picked Up?

Cat’s Meow

When your cat is picked up, they make a sound or noise to communicate with humans. Cats make various sounds or noises that we have often misinterpreted as random gibberish. However, this is not the case. Your Cat is attempting to communicate her feelings for you, and she is eager to share information about the world she lives in with you. She is incorporating you into her life, which you can use to get to know her better. So, without further ado, allow me to take you on a journey where you will be able to decipher the hidden meaning behind every sound your baby makes.


The sound mentioned above is one that almost everyone is familiar with. Older cats usually meow out of anxiety, which arises because they are no longer as chirpy as they once were.

The shortened meow is usually associated with hunger or loneliness. The young Cat does it to draw your attention to themselves and let you know that they are desperate for help.


Purr is a pleasant sound that indicates that your Cat is content. You can also hear this hypnotic sound by gently petting your Cat while she sits in your lap. On the other hand, purring can occur on rare occasions when your Cat is agitated by something. If your Cat’s ears are back and his body is tense and pale, you can easily detect this type of purr.


When your cat yowls, you should be aware that it expresses discomfort, territorial concerns, or a mating issue. Yowling can also occur when your Cat isn’t interested in anything. It can also be used to communicate with other cats, alerting them to your Cat’s boundaries. It’s a clear indication of their dissatisfaction with something.

Why Does My Cat Meow When I Pick Her Up? (10 Reasons)

Cat’s Meow When You Pick Them Up

Your Cat Likes Your Company

Why do cat’s meow when you pick them up? When some cats are picked up, they meow because they enjoy the attention! They’re trying to get your attention and communicate that they want to be near you by meowing. Pay attention to the meow’s accompanying body language. That meow was their way of saying, “hello, how nice to see you!” They’re content being picked up if your Cat relaxes in your arms, gives you a head bunt, and isn’t trying to flee.

When you pick up some cats, they may even trill! Trilling is usually associated with happiness, and it’s always a sweet sound to hear when you pick up your furry friend.

Stress or anxiety

Like humans, cats can get stressed out, either by introducing a new pet in the family or due to separation anxiety.

Your Cat is busy

Imagine that you have something significant to do, but somebody stops you and tries to distract you from what you are doing on your way there. You wouldn’t like it much, I bet. Your Cat feels precisely the same way when it wants to do something important like smell other cats or catch a butterfly, but here you are lifting it and holding it. Your Cat might just want to carry on doing its business. It will come hug when all the cat errands are tended to.

You’re not bonded well.

When you meet a pet for the first time, what happens? It’ll most likely become frightened and bite you if it’s a dog. A meow is what you can expect from a cat. So, if you recently purchased a new cat and it meows as soon as you pick her up, it may be because the two of you are unfamiliar with each other, and the Cat is afraid to come into your hands.

When you try to hold or pet the Cat, it will become frightened and may meow to express its discomfort. If that’s the case, it’s best to give it some time to get to know you. It will no longer meow in your hands once you’ve finished.

Your Cat Doesn’t Like How You Picked Them Up.

Even a cat that loves typically held will meow if they’re picked up uncomfortably. That meow is just their way of letting you know that you need to change your approach!

When picking up a cat, fully support the Cat’s whole body. Avoid scruffing your Cat or lifting them by their front legs. It’s also essential to give your cat time to get used to your presence before scooping them up.

Unpleasant Scent

Have you sprayed yourself with any perfume today? Perhaps you’ve purchased a new body spray or hand cream? While most people enjoy it when their neighbors smell nice, your Cat might not be so keen. They have a much better sense of smell, and something may be bothering them, causing them to meow when you are near them.

Your Cat Is Hungry

Your Cat appears to be vying for your attention. However, when you pick them up they let out a high-pitched meow and squirm as if they don’t want to be put down. Before you start worrying, gently place your Cat on the floor and try to figure out what they want. If your Cat tries to lead you to their food dish, you must respond! Your Cat is ready for a meal if they lead you to their food bowl or sit near it while meowing. “Hey, I don’t want to be picked up!” your Cat said with that sudden meow. “Feed me!” I demand.

Your Cat enjoys it

Why do cat’s meow when you pick them up? Sometimes a cat’s meowing is nothing to be concerned about!

Cats adore their owners’ attention, and meowing whenever you pick them up is a sign that they’re having a good time with you. This meow is used to express their joy in such a situation. You may also notice your cat meowing after returning home from work or going for several days. So there’s no need to be concerned! They will also appear sad and make short meows whenever you pick them up or try to show them affection in this state. Some medical conditions, such as meowing when picked up, are also signs of stress.

Your Cat is in heat.

Cats in heat tend to behave differently from how they usually do, so there is nothing to worry about. Your Cat has different things in mind rather than spending time with you. Once this period is over, your Cat’s behavior will get back to normal.

Your Cat Doesn’t Like Being Held.

Not every Cat enjoys being handled! That meow is their way of signaling that they don’t want to be picked up and that you should return them to their proper place. Some cats may become physically aggressive depending on their temperament. Picking up a cat who has been mistreated or injured in the past may make them feel threatened. Not to mention, most cats prefer to be in charge of their fate! According to Nottingham Trent University experts, giving a cat control over whether or not they are picked up or petted makes them feel more relaxed and happy.

Should I be concerned?

Why do cat’s meow when you pick them up? There’s a reason to be concerned if your cat meows in a high-pitched tone. This indicates that there is pain or, at the very least, discomfort present. You should be concerned if your cat has recently started meowing when he is picked up, and it is becoming a habit. You should get your cat checked out by a veterinarian. If his meow is high-pitched but more prolonged, and it sounds more like a whine, he may be informing you that he has something he needs and expects you to provide it.

Closing Thoughts

Why do cat’s meow when you pick them up? There are various reasons why your Cat may meow when picked up, just as there are with other pet behaviors. Please pay attention to that meow; it’s one of your Cat’s ways of communicating with you. To fully understand why they’re meowing, pay attention to their tone and body language. I know he meows when I pick him up because he’s happy to see me. After all, I know his overall personality. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for him! But what about your feline companion? When they’re picked up, do they usually meow?


Why do cats meow when you talk to them?
“Domestic cats are social animals, and one of the ways many cats communicate with us is by meowing,” she says. “Meows to greet us, demand food or attention, or ‘ask’ for access indoors or outdoors are common examples.”
Why does my cat meow when I pet her?
It’s a sign that your cats want you to keep doing this petting thing. They meow to show you that they trust you and are revealing themselves to you. They treat you like family and allow you to pet them.
Why is my cat meowing so much all of a sudden?
A multitude of conditions may cause a cat to be hungry, thirsty, or in discomfort, all of which can result in excessive meowing. Excessive vocalizations may also be caused by an overactive thyroid or renal illness in cats. I’m attempting to attract people’s attention. Cats do not love being alone, contrary to common perception.
Why is my cat yowling?
Cats’ lives require a certain amount of enrichment. A cat’s yowl could be her way of expressing her frustration and boredom.
Why my cat keeps meowing and rubbing against everything?
Why do cat’s meow when you pick them up? When cat’s meow, they are known to rub against things. Cats use this method to demarcate their territory. Cats are territorial, and they will use their sense of smell to determine which spaces and items are theirs. Although this may appear unusual to you, it is common cat behavior.

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