Why Are Dogs Attracted To Me? – (15 Reasons Explained)

Why are dogs attracted to me? There is a select handful among us who attract dogs like magnets. Dogs seem to be unable to resist approaching people for a smell or a pat no matter where they go. On the other hand, others seem to be given the cold shoulder.

Even if you are one of the fortunate persons who are always popular with puppies, you may not understand why. So, what is it about you that attracts dogs? Dogs are drawn to you because you provide a welcoming environment. You may also know how to communicate with them, have a pleasant aroma, or talk in a calming tone. This might also be due to your pheromones, calm demeanor, kindness, or temperament similar to yours. Canines, on the other hand, may wish to console you. You should consider yourself a bit fortunate, whether you always have beef jerky in your bag or because you have an extensive list of natural features that dogs like!

While that is the short answer, we will go into why dogs may be drawn to you!

Why Are Dogs Attracted To Me? – (15 Reasons Explained)

 Dog Attracted To Me

You Have an Upbeat and Friendly Personality

Those who like dogs are ecstatic when we encounter one of our four-legged companions! It might be your own or someone else’s dog that makes us happy. Most canines are drawn to your bright and dynamic demeanor. When a dog with an optimistic attitude meets you, they are immediately drawn to you because of your similarities. Especially if the folks they generally hang out with are more reserved.

When you have a pleasant attitude and an energetic demeanor, dogs will notice that they like being around you.

They like Your Smell

The sense of smell in dogs is incredible. Dogs are smelling things on us that we aren’t aware of.

When a dog smells something they like, such as your skin, hair, or pheromones, it can immediately become attracted. It could also be the odour of another dog or pet that has lingered on your shoes or clothing.

Food, lotion, and detergent odours on our bodies aren’t the only thing that attracts dogs. They can be drawn to our emotions as well. According to studies, dogs can tell whether you are happy or sad simply by smelling you. They will return your happiness if they can sense it. If you have a low odor, the dog may become concerned. Our canine companions also have an incredible scent memory and can recall scents from long ago. When a dog you haven’t seen in a while comes running up to you, they remember you and are delighted that you have returned!

Even if you’ve never met a dog before, you may have a scent that reminds them of people they’ve liked in the past, which will be enough to pique their interest! Unfortunately, dogs are attracted to both pleasant and unpleasant odors, so just because you attract dogs doesn’t mean you smell good!

Social eavesdropping behavior

You might not notice it, but dogs are very skilled in identifying social cues and assessing human interactions. It is called social eavesdropping. Although they cannot understand the language humans speak, they can identify certain tones of aggression or disdain against their favorite humans. If you happen to be good friends with dog owners, then most likely, their pet dogs will have a natural liking for you as well.

They like Your Tone

When I see a dog, especially one I want to pet, I know my voice goes up an octave! When I speak to dogs, I use the same tone as when speaking to small children. It’s lighthearted, friendly, and inviting. Dogs are attracted to happy tones because they recognize them.

Science.org conducted a study to see how dogs interpret your words and tones when you speak. The right hemisphere of a dog’s brain processes the tones you use. They process the words you say with your left hemisphere in the same way humans do. The pleasure center of their brains was activated when the tone used was exciting. When the pleasure center in your dog’s brain is activated, the dog becomes responsive.

This research may shed light on why dogs are drawn to people who speak in a high tone of voice. It can also help us understand why dogs are drawn to us when we speak in approving and exciting tones.

You are Non-Threatening

If dogs like you, it means they perceive that you are non-threatening. You may be small and slight or large and well-muscled. This doesn’t matter to the dog. Instead, they use their senses to determine your attitude and mood. They can quickly tell if you present a threat, no matter how you look.

You like Them

Even if you’re trying to keep it cool, dogs can sense when you like them. When you like a dog, you are more likely to be friendly and offer the animal things they require or desire. If a dog notices that you are willing to accommodate them, they will quickly adopt this behavior and make you their friend! Dog lovers are known to go above and beyond for them, and they have learned to stick close to those who enjoy purchasing new toys and treats! Isn’t it true that we all just want to be liked at the end of the day? Dogs can undoubtedly concur! Dogs can often pick up on subtle cues that you’re interested in, even if you’re not aware of it!

You Are Not Intimidating

Dogs are naturally protective animals, and they can sense predators with ease. When you are not an intimidating person and show no signs of threatening behavior toward dogs, they will naturally be attracted to you. Science Daily posted a study about how dogs view emotions and recognize people who show threatening behavior. When dogs see someone they perceive as a threat, they are more likely to stare them down for an extended period or avoid them altogether.


Dogs’ ability to read people means that they can quickly tell if you are genuine or not. If you aren’t genuine, the dog probably won’t like you. Dogs pick up on your pheromones and can even detect your pulse and heart rate. If they find your tone of voice or actions aren’t lining up with the sensory information they pick up, it will likely be off-putting to the dog.

They have gone through training

The most straightforward reason for a dog’s degree of stranger friendliness boils down to training. Some breeds might require one. Others may be content with simple socialization techniques to form universal friendships. Training dogs to be friends with humans and socialize with them appropriately will improve their level of attraction to people.

You Provide Food or Treats

This reason is a given! Dogs love to eat, especially treats, and when you provide food or treats, they will love you instantly. Providing resources to a dog makes them feel happy. When you give a dog something to eat, they will associate you with food and probably expect it to happen again! Dogs have great memories, so the next time you see a dog you previously fed, it will probably be ready and waiting for a snack! Additionally, if one dog sees you providing treats to another dog, you can expect other dogs to come running!

You Are Playful

Dogs enjoy playing. Playtime is essential for a dog’s growth. They require playtime for both physical and mental exercise. They will be drawn to you if you are playful because they enjoy playing. Playtime is regarded as quality time by dogs. It’s a great way to bond with your dog while improving their health. Playtime can also aid in the release of your dog’s instincts! Encourage your dog to chase a toy with games that encourage them to do so. When a dog knows you’ll play with them, they’ll come back to you time and time again.

It Is In Their Genes

When we’re looking for reasons to justify why our dogs love us so much, we like to compare them to ourselves. To understand why a dog is a man’s best friend, we look for similarities in our personalities. Although dogs and humans are not the same species, we share more similarities than meets the eye.

Researchers at Princeton University investigated what genetic factors might cause dogs to be attracted to humans. What they discovered was incredible. They discovered that dogs have a genetic mutation in the chromosome 6 region of their brain that causes them to be friendly to humans and seek assistance from them. I’ve always suspected that my dogs were genetically related to me! However, when it comes to unfamiliar dogs, you may find yourself frequently encountering dogs who are genetically predisposed to be friendly.

You Are Eating (Or Have Food)

When we are eating something delicious, our pups would love it if we share. Just as if you were giving a dog a treat, they will want to get closer when you are eating your food. Dogs know that you may drop a piece of what you are eating, and whatever falls onto the floor will become theirs. They love to help clean up any of your dropped food!

They also remember who will sneak them a little treat under the table! But if you aren’t eating, carrying food anywhere, there’s a good chance a dog’s powerful nose will sniff it out. That means carrying your lunch or an afternoon snack in your backpack can lead to some very interesting canines that will happily approach you for a better sniff!

You Are a Pregnant Woman

As previously stated, dogs are particularly adept at detecting hormonal changes in women. According to studies, dogs can detect pregnancy as early as the first trimester. A woman’s body changes constantly, and her hormone levels continue to rise throughout the pregnancy. Dogs are often more protective of the expectant mother when they detect these changes. If you’re pregnant, dogs may be more attracted to you, even if you’re only a few months along. After all, you’ve suddenly become a lot more interesting, and a curious canine can’t help but want to investigate you further.

Your clothes don’t scare dogs

To dogs, our clothes may appear insignificant. After all, they are unconcerned about our taste. However, there are some items of clothing that they are afraid of. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs stare at us in an attempt to communicate. They might be attempting to communicate both positive and negative feelings. Dogs may be looking at you because they are relaxed. Or they’re trying to figure out who you are. They could be determining whether or not you are a threat. Canines are known to stare at humans in anticipation. Maybe they’re waiting for us to start playing. Alternatively, they can expect us to give them treats.

On the other hand, dogs may consider starting to be impolite. This behavior was viewed as aggressive by their wolf ancestors. And some dogs may still believe this.

What are dogs scared of?

Why Are Dogs Attracted To Me

What Should I Do If I Don’t Want Dogs Attracted To Me?

First and foremost, you should be ashamed of yourself! I’m joking, of course. I understand that some people are afraid of dogs, especially if they are not their own. If you don’t want dogs to be interested in you, ignore them and walk away quickly. They will notice that your lack of enthusiasm does not pique their interest. And they’ll find something or someone else with which to have fun.

You might think that avoiding eye contact would send a clear signal, but many dogs prefer to avoid direct eye contact, which can have the opposite effect. Consider whether dogs are drawn to you for a reason you can control, such as carrying extra food or wearing a pair of shoes with a particularly appealing scent. If you can, change it, but it’s best to accept it and let dogs do their thing! I can assure you that having dogs gravitate toward you is far preferable to ignoring you or, worse, constantly barking at you!

Key Takeaway

Your dog may like you because you have taken care of it and given it love. However, this may or may not apply to others, just as some people like you and others do not. So, go easy on your dog and don’t be too concerned with why they like you. However, be cautious about why they dislike others.


What does it mean when dogs are attracted to you?
Dogs are naturally loving animals and are attracted to people they see as potential friends. You should not be concerned if dogs gravitate to you. It probably means that you are friendly and approachable. Or maybe you just smell like food!
Why are animals attracted to me?
If animals are attracted to you, it is an honor. They recognize your energy and let you know they think you are trustworthy. If an animal is attracted to you, it may be because they recognize your psychic energy.

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