What Is The Only Dog Breed Mentioned In The Bible?

What is the only dog breed specifically mentioned in the Bible? In various verses, both in the new and old testaments, the Bible mentions multiple animals. Some of the catalogs mentioned in the Bible are dogs. In the Bible, however, only one particular dog breed is mentioned.  Greyhound is the only dog breed specifically mentioned in the Bible. It is the only dog breed referenced in the Bible and many Shakespearean writings and serves as the protagonist of Don Quixote’s famous introduction. Even the Simpsons’ dog, who serves as Santa’s assistant, is a greyhound. In the Bible, only the Greyhound is referenced by name (Proverbs 30:29–31, King James Version): 

The Book of Proverbs Chapter 30 Verses 29 to 31, King James Version (KJV) says:-

 Greyhound is the only dog breed specifically mentioned in the Bible. The Greyhound is a fascinating and pleasant dog race, grown initially as a hunting dog and the Greyhound is famous for many dog owners with its unbelievable speed and a stunning streamlined body.

Various owners saw the greyhound breed as a race dog, a hunting dog and a domestic animal. In addition to the mention in the Bible, the greyhound also has multiple references in literature, pottery and artwork, particularly in royal tombs of the Egyptian pyramids.

The Greyhound is one of the fastest dog breeds on the earth. It possesses a light skeleton, a highly flexible column and very long limbs. In addition to its thinness, all these attributes allow you to achieve speeds between 60 and 70 km/h.

Where in the Bible are Greyhounds Mentioned? 

Greyhound is running

To verify for yourself, read Proverbs chapter 30, verse 29 to verse 31. If you study the King James Edition or the New King James Edition, you’ll see that the Bible specifically mentions a dog breed: the Greyhound. This is not to say that other breeds of dogs are not referenced in the Bible or that there are no further references.

No! Numerous additional verses in the Bible refer to dogs however, these texts make no mention of any other breeds save the Greyhound.

According to the Bible, do dogs get to heaven?

Dogs go there because they understand they will be reunited with Jesus. They are certain he will look after them. He’ll feed and water them. And he is aware that he will return to them when he dies.

How many times are dogs mentioned in the Bible?

The Bible has two testaments, the Old Testament and the New Testament, as you already know.

According to personal investigations, the word was mentioned 32 times in the Old Testament and only appeared nine times in the New Testament.

The term dog was mentioned 41 times in the Bible.

This does not impede the fact that dogs are represented differently, but the time it appears is 41 times.

What was the Bible’s role for dogs?

  • Dogs have been utilized in agriculture, herding and hunting.
  • Some mentions appear to suggest that it is okay to be violent to dogs.
  • The word “dog” is usually referred to as an insult or a reference to low rank.

In the New Testament, a dog can imply that you are evil.

It is unclear whether dogs are kept as animals during the Bible or not as we think pets are kept. Dogs are generally said to as working animals, and there is also an idea that wildlife in packs has been perceived to be wrong.

Which animal is most often referenced in the Bible?

Whichever version you read, the most often listed animal is Sheep. Sheep are referenced about 212 times in the Bible however, this does not end there; at least 203 times, lambs are referenced, and 162 times, rams (male Sheep) are mentioned.

As a result, the Bible references Sheep at least 577 times: 212+ 203+ 162.

Which animals are referred to in the Bible?

The Bible contains many animals, but if we order them according to the historical period in which they are mentioned, we may identify the following:

  1.  Sheep – 577 instances
  2.  Goats – 172 instances
  3.  Bulls – 171 occasions
  4.  Donkeys-154 occasions
  5.  Horses – 166 instances
  6.  Lion – 145 occasions
  7.  98 times ox
  8.  Camel- 71 occasions
  9.  Dog- 42 instances
  10.  Eagle – thirty times

History of Greyhound

4 Greyhounds in one line

The Greyhound is one of the earliest dog races, as may be seen in the mention of the Bible and The origin of the Greyhound is not established however, it originates from ancient Greece, Middle East, Turkey and North Africa. The Romans, the Egyptians and the Greeks were a favourite.

The Egyptian owners of the Greyhound preserved the race as their friends for hunting and In ancient Egypt, the race was so important that it was second to have a son. In ancient Egypt, the dying of a greyhound was likewise a big affair, and the entire family was going through extended mourning. The upper class might even go one step farther and mummify the owner with a greyhound. They also painted tomb walls with pictures indicating how much their race meant also, Amenhotep II, Cleopatra, VII Thutmose III, Queen Hatshepsut and Tutankhamen are ancient Egyptian pharaohs that own Greyhounds.

The Americans also fell in love with the prowess of a Greyhound in rabbits and coyotes. The Greyhound was soon one of the first dog breeds shown in various dog exhibitions throughout America. When the breed’s renown spread throughout America, the breeders realized the speed of the Greyhound and began to employ it in the course races. The employment of Greyhound for racing was not without dispute due to the harsh handling of Greyhound, which did not win the races and Greyhound  is the only dog breed mentioned in the Bible

Which animal is the only one not mentioned in the Bible?

The Bible’s only omission is the cat furthermore It is conceivable that it was omitted because not every animal is listed in the Bible or irrelevant or indicative of anything. For instance, a dog is comparable to evils, camels to commerce, and snakes to cunningness. 

10 Facts about Greyhound

1. It is the world’s quickest dog and one of the world’s fastest animals, moreover they have a top speed of between 60 and 69 kilometers per hour.

2. Greyhounds spend up to 75% of their time in the air when sprinting.

3. Greyhounds have the highest red blood cell count of any dog breed, allowing them to provide more oxygen to their muscles and run faster.

4. While running, the Greyhound’s tail serves as a rudder and they are capable of detecting things up to 800 meters away!

5. Greyhounds have a 270o visual range, which implies they can notice things behind them.

6. Greyhounds have stereoscopic vision, which enables them to perceive moving things more clearly than humans, probably the healthiest dog breed in terms of hereditary or genetic susceptibility illnesses.

7. Certain greyhounds are capable of sleeping with their eyes open,  and they have the highest body temperature of any dog breed.

8. Greyhounds have a universal blood type, their blood used as donors to save the lives of other canines furthermore they possess an exceptional capacity to leap moreover, there are accounts of a specimen leaping 9.14 meters.

9. The majority of greyhounds have difficulties or are very uncomfortable sitting directly on the ground.

10. Greyhound fur comes in up to 18 distinct solid colors and over 55 combinations.


So far, so good; we have given you precise information about where the Bible says Greyhound s0 we have also given dogs multiple times, as specified in the scripture and If you have any information we need to know, you can share it with us in the comment below; if you find this informative and fascinating, you may share it with your social media friends.

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