Dogs love you and they deserve your care in return

Have you ever experienced the unconditional love of dogs? Well, only the dog lovers recognize the purest affection in them. How they are looking for your attention and affection helps you to believe that dogs love you. Indeed, they deserve your intimacy and care in return. If you are a dog owner, you will agree that the dog’s health is majorly dependent on his physical activities. Most healthy dogs love the outdoor walk to explore things. However, excessive exercise in summers may result in severe dehydration. All dogs are at risk of dehydration if they do not intake enough fluid per day. However, severe dehydration may lead to kidney failure and, ultimately, death. Therefore, it is quite essential to keep your dog hydrated even during outdoor exercises.

How to Avoid Dehydration in Dogs? 

How to Avoid Dehydration in Dogs 

Leave the bowl of water where your dog can easily reach it since dogs can knock on the bowl when they drink. It is vital to provide clean and fresh water every time. Whenever you and your dog play outside, bring a portable water bottle for the dog and cool water with you — especially when it is hot, they need more to drink. Add ice to the bowl of water when your dog stays out on hot days. Many dogs like drinking from the tub. But it is not a clean water source! Keep your dog out and train them to drink from water bottles for their safety and health. Though training requires time, praise and treats can help you to train them quickly.

Water Bottles Avoid Infections for Dogs

Learning to drink from a water bottle is an adorable and memorable activity for your dog. But there are also practical explanations for allowing your buddy to drink from a bottle. This is the best way to keep your dog hydrated during the park walk, hikes, and beach parties. While areas heavily frequented by dogs might have outdoor bowls, there is some chance that your pet may share water with other pets, thereby protecting them from infectious diseases with your pet’s water supply directly out of the bottle. Many dogs drink naturally from a water bowl; some require little time to be trained for this.

The Best Water Bottle for Dogs

There are certain features that a dog owner must consider before buying a water bottle for the dog.

  • Capacity
  • Dispenser
  • Material
  • Portability
  • Leak-Proof

Are you still confused about choosing the right water bottle for your pet? Do not worry; we can solve this problem by suggesting the best portable dog water bottle the Lesotc Water Bottle for Dogs, a big sized 18 oz water bottle specially designed for dogs.

It is an ideal product to be carried during travelling, outdoor trips, or even at home. It is suitable for small or big, all kinds of dogs. Let us discuss it in detail.

Water Bottle or Water Bowl

The exclusively designed Lesotc water bottle is easy to use. Is your dog used to drinking water in a bowl? Lescot water bottles can solve this issue, only fold the cap, and change the water bottle into the water bowl. Is not it amazing? You do not need to carry any extra bowls while travelling. Just press the water bottle, and the water will start flowing in the bowl. Fold back after using it.

High-Quality Bottle for Dogs

This high-quality dog water bottle is made from food-grade silicone and High-density polyethene (HDPE) material. Secondly, it is Bisphenol A (BPA) A Free, non-smelling, environment friendly, and recyclable. Its bottle parts are detachable and easy to clean, which makes it an ideal dog travel bottle.

Light Weight

It is a portable dog water bottle that weighs around 0.3 lbs, and the size is 13.97x

8.89 cm. This compact water bottle is easy to be carried on long journeys. It can fit in any small-sized backpack as it acquires little space.

Locking Mechanism

Lesotc is the best dog water bottle in the market. It has a locking mechanism to prevent spills during travelling. It is got a straw on the inside that helps your dog to sip the last drop. A harness from your belt loop, handle, backpack loop. It is available in two colours, pink and blue. You would love the choices for colour too. It is a responsibility!

Prevent Leakage

This bottle is mainly designed, keeping in mind the safety of dogs. The top rotating buckle has been designed to avoid the return of water. Once the water came in, the bowl gets polluted, so it is not safe to return it to the bottle. It provides your dog with fresh water when needed. Additionally, this is all about preventing leakage of the remaining water in the bottle. You do not even have to think about making your travel package wet.

Usable with One Hand

The Lesotc pet water bottle is easy to use as it needs only one hand (pun intended) when holding other objects, moving several dogs or when your two hands are not available. Moreover, it is not too big nor even small. It has a perfect size to carry anywhere easily.

Attach with Backpack

Are you planning to go hiking on vacation with your pet? Do not forget to keep the Lescot water battle with you. You can secure the dog water bottle with your backpack quickly without worrying about its safety. It is a minimalist and straightforward water bottle. It is available in two colours, blue and pink. Pick the right colour of the bottle that fits the personality of your pet.

Simple and Functional

Sometimes it is best to avoid being too complicated. Lescot water battle is a simple, cheap, and functional bottle. This water bottle for dogs knows just what they must do to provide the water for their best furry friend. You are searching for puppy water bottles; go for this one, as it just contains enough fluid to hold a growing pup.

Bottom Line!

A portable dog water bottle is the most important thing you will need to have in your hand if you plan to go on an adventure with your dog. Lescot water bottle is the perfect water bottle option for your dog. It is a must-have product for all dog owners.

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