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Seven Dogs With Curly Tails? 7 Beautiful Curly Tailed Breed (2023)

Dogs with curly tails? Each dog breed is distinct. They each have their personality traits and unique appearances, which is why we like purebred dogs! Their tails are only one of the numerous features that make them beautiful. Tails are arguably as diverse as dogs themselves, and in this post, we’ll concentrate on one of our favorites: curly tails! While these breeds are wonderful in many ways, their curling tails contribute much to their cuteness. Curly tails come in various shapes and sizes in the canine world, with each breed having its spin on this eye-catching feature.

But there’s one thing that all of these dogs with curly tails have in common: their tails are beautiful!

7 of the most beautiful curly-tailed dog breeds.


This list wouldn’t be complete without a cute tiny puppy with a lovely curly tail at the top. The Basenji is a long-established breed. It is said to be one of the world’s oldest dog breeds. In the Saharan Desert, these quick and agile canines were employed for hunting. These dogs have a lot in common with primitive and wild dogs. Basenjis don’t bark, which is a fascinating thing to know.

Siberian husky

Akita and Siberian husky breeds have a sickle-shaped tail with a less severe curl and greater flexibility. The tails of these canines can still express their feelings. Breeds that evolved in cold regions are more likely to have sickle-tails. Even today, when these puppies go to sleep on a chilly night, you’ll notice that they clasp their tail firmly to their body to warm themselves! For added comfort, they may cover their nose.


If you’re searching for a dog with a curled tail, a pug is a good option. These dogs are easily identifiable. Curly tails, smushed features, and wonderful personalities characterize them. They were raised in China to be companions for wealthy households. However, they can now be found in many homes across the globe. The following are some additional facts regarding the pug that you should be aware of:

  • Known for having a huge personality in a tiny package 
  • A popular small dog breed with amusing characteristics (constantly making their owners laugh)
  • The pug will be a wonderful dog for you if you want a loud, affectionate dog.

Shibu Inu

The tail of this kind of dog is so curly that it has a second level! It’s also available in several hues, including this red coat, as well as back, cream, and white.

The Shiba tail is readily distinguishable, almost as curled and coiled as the Basenji tail and perhaps cuter because of its bushy hair.

The smallest of the Japanese Spitz breeds were formerly employed to hunt and flush animals in the Chubu region’s highlands. Despite a dedicated following, the Shiba Inu was almost extinct after World War II due to an epidemic of distemper and a shortage of resources. The last three Shibas bloodlines found in the latter part of the twentieth century account for all Shibas living today.

Shibas are self-sufficient and need a persistent owner to keep them on track. They make excellent trekking companions and are the ideal dog for busy people with little room.

Finnish Spitz


The Finnish Spitz is a wonderful companion for a busy family since it is patient, lively, and clever. They were developed to hunt various prey, including squirrels, grouse, elk, and bears. They have soft coats and curling tails, much like other Northern breeds.


Samoyeds are renowned for their curling tails and gorgeous white coats. For hundreds of years, these northern canines have been employed as reindeer herders and sled dogs. Like other spitz-type dogs, Samoyeds are an old breed with a long history of working with humans in extreme conditions. Samoyeds are active, friendly, and playful dogs with a distinctive “Sammy smile.” 

Chow Chow

If you’re searching for a dog that looks like a teddy bear, the Chow Chow is the only canine that comes close. These dogs have numerous distinguishing features, such as a blue or black tongue and 44 teeth (dogs usually have 42). Chow Chows have a curly tail that arches over their backs, which is an unusual feature. These canines may resemble teddy bears, but they lack their personalities. Chow Chows are excellent guardians and protectors of their homes.

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