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How Fast Can Australian Cattle Dogs Run Interesting Facts

How Fast Can Australian Cattle Dogs Run? Australian cattle dogs can run at 25 miles per hour. There are several breeds of cattle dogs. There is a difference between Australian herding dogs and Australian working dogs, which includes the ability to be fast, nimble, and agile.

Australian cattle dogs have been successfully clocked at running about 25 miles per hour.

Some have been recorded to run as fast as 30 miles per hour, but only if they are being chased by a vehicle. Australian cattle dogs are also known for their skill and agility, making them quick on their feet and outmaneuver even the most agile of cattle or livestock.

This agility is what makes them so popular with stockmen and ranchers. Australian cattle dogs are known for pushing large herds of farm animals, such as sheep or cattle, in relatively confined spaces. The tightly packed flock will not scatter but rather move forward in unison, greatly expediting the process and limiting the distance to be covered.

Are Australian Cattle Dogs Good To Run With?

Australian cattle dogs are naturally fast and enjoy running around with you, but they may not notice that they’re working because of their herding instincts.

Running with your dog can be fun if you don’t let it work.

How Much Exercise Does an Australian Cattle Dog Need? 

ACDs were trained for long labor days herding cattle through vast ranch grounds, covering up to twenty km per day and Cattle Dogs have a lot of stamina built into their DNA. Therefore they require a lot more regular exercise than other dog breeds. Australian Cattle Dog needs one to two hours of exercise per day. Cattle Dogs require daily intellectual stimulation in addition to physical activity. Mental pursuits can waste almost as much energy as physical activities and It’s also an excellent approach to teaching your Cattle Dog to relax and concentrate on a new problem or activity.

What are the Best Ways to Exercise My Cattle Dog?

There are numerous physical activities to choose from, but here are a few that are particularly beneficial to Cattle Dogs.


As a minimum amount of exercise, heelers should walk for thirty minutes to one hour at a fast pace twice a day.


Cattle Dogs were bred to run. Therefore they are used to running three to five miles twice a day. They can progressively increase their distances but be wary of over-exercising symptoms.


Whether half-day or full-day, hiking is a terrific opportunity to get some exercise while also exposing your Cattle Dog to new sights and odors.


Swimming is a favorite pastime for cattle dogs and It’s a terrific way to get some exercise, especially after a trek

Herding balls 

When there are no neighboring ranches with animals to the herd, enormous, practically unbreakable balls are a valid substitute. Herding balls are ideal for practicing chase and retrieve games.

Can Australian Cattle Dogs Run Up And Down Stairs?

Australian cattle dogs are competent runners, able to achieve speeds of 25 miles per hour. They can also run up and downstairs with ease.

There are several breeds of Australian working dogs, including the Australian cattle dog, Border collie, kelpie, blue heeler, and Koolie. There is a difference between Australian herding dogs and Australian working dogs, which includes the ability to be fast, nimble, and agile.

Final Thoughts

Running is one of the Cattle Dog’s favorite hobbies. Whatever training you do with your Cattle Dog – running, walking, hiking, swimming, agility, herding, or a simple trip to the dog park – your dedication to fitness will strengthen your bond and make them healthy and happy!



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