Best Five Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats (2022)

Dog breeds that are good with cats. Some of us are dog people and others are cat persons. But what if you truly can’t pick between the two? In such a situation, it might be time to start looking for a canine friend for your wonderful moggy. Remember that disputes may arise among pets, and can even lead to harm. Here are the 5 dog breeds that are good with cats.

5 Dog Breeds Are:

  • Beagle
  • Collie
  • Labrador
  • Maltese
  • Irish setter


Beagle dog

Could a floppy-eared, loving Beagle be the canine to introduce your kitty to new friends? Beagle dog breeds are known for their laid-back personalities, and your puss is likely to be accepted into the pack. Beagles hate being left alone and will be grateful for your cat’s company while you’re away. Indeed, if left to their own ways, they may grow bored and disruptive, which is why a cat may be a useful soothing influence. However, they are renowned escape artists, so if you open a door to allow your cat out, take care that your Beagle does not make a break for freedom as well!


Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats

Collies, whether rough-coated or smooth-coated, have traditionally been preferred as sheepdogs. However, how would they get along with your domestic animals? Generally, they’re OK – especially if they’re raised together. After all, they are designed to look after other creatures, containing them but never harming them. While their herding nature may cause them to attempt to pursue or gather up your cats, they are very clever and adept at picking up new training. If you spend some time and effort, your Collie may be an excellent companion for a cat.


Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats

For many individuals, a beautiful Lab is an ideal dog due to its lively and loving temperament. Because their want to retrieve is stronger than their desire to hunt, they are more likely to attempt to pick up your cat in their jaws rather than attack it – though your cat will undoubtedly protest! It is critical to socialize these big and active animals as pups so they may learn to coexist with your family and felines.


Maltese dog breed

Do you take pleasure in grooming your pets? We definitely hope so if you’re contemplating purchasing a fluffy Maltese with a longhaired Maine Coone. While Malteses shed very little, they still need regular brushing to prevent their hair from getting matted. Fortunately, they like nothing more than lounging on a couch while you brush them – and they’re as happy curling up with a cat. If you already have an older cat, a Maltese may be one of the finest breeds to introduce. They will not disrupt the serenity of your pussycat, but will just live and let live. Additionally, they are compact. Therefore, if you desire more dogs than your home can comfortably accommodate, a Maltese should be at the top of your list.

Irish setter

Irish setter

Irish setter pups are a handful – they are large, awkward, and always ready to jump up and slobber all over you. Thus, you may believe that this pooch is sufficient on its own and that adding a cat will just add to the mayhem — and you may be correct. However, the awkward, enthusiastic teenage period does not continue indefinitely. Irish Setters are quite simple to teach and mature into obedient, dignified adults. Their stunning, flowing auburn hair makes them a popular option for owners who value canine beauty.

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