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5 Best Dog Backpacks Of 2023 (Buying Guide)

There’s nothing quite like a trip into the woods with your best four-legged companion. However, keeping dogs happy and healthy on the trail can necessitate a significant amount of additional equipment. Having your dog carry their own gear in a dog backpack will not only relieve the strain on your back, but it will also provide them with a fun task. When looking for the ideal backpack for your dog, you’ll discover there are a plethora of options. To assist you in finding the best dog backpacks for your dog, we researched and tested all of the best dog backpacks on the market.

However, because there are so many options on the market, we decided to conduct our own research to ensure you didn’t end up barking up the wrong tree.

Best Dog Backpacks of 2023

We’ve put together a list of the top five dog backpack carriers. Let’s get this party started!

1. Mountain Smith K9 Dog Pack

This updated Mountain smith Dog Pack features four adjustable points to keep your best friend chaff–free and balanced. It’s also made of RIPSTOCK nylon, which is durable and provides plenty of ventilation.


This pack is perfect for any dog lover who enjoys being outside. It has enough room for extra food and water for an overnight trip, but it’s not too heavy to carry on a day hike with extra layers, keys, and phones. The Bag pack is made up of 210d Nylon Embossed Liner and 420d HD Nylon Rip-Stop PU Carbonate

It can also be used to help a young puppy tire out. Some important features are given below

  • Independently adjustable back harness for a unique fit
  • 4-point adjustable chest harness with cushioned sternum pad
  • Single adjustable waist strap; Padded tubular grab handle
  • Two pannier compartments with zippered accessory pockets
  • Metal D-ring for leash attachment
  • Ergonomically tapered torso form


  • Super tough
  • Great adjustability
  • Does not rub raw spots on your dog


  • A little heavier than others
  • Not waterproof

2. RUFFWEAR Approach

The RUFFWEAR Approach dog pack is ideal for day hiking trips and overnight adventures, allowing your four-legged companion to assist with the gear load. Do you prefer to go on hikes with your four-legged companion? Fido may be a little more free-spirited on neighborhood walks. Dogs, like humans, enjoy the feeling of putting in a hard day’s work, and the RUFFWEAR Approach Pack is a great way to give them that feeling. Canines benefit from doggy saddlebags because they provide a sense of purpose and concentration.


A staple in our pack lineup, the Approach Pack’s updates were inspired by customer feedback. More breathability and flexibility with a perforated, molded foam chassis; improved fade-resistance with new materials; updated flopper stopper system for easier use when stabilizing saddlebags; and more streamlined, refined saddlebag volumes and the Approach Pack has tested the various Front Range walks of varying lengths and weather conditions and the most important factor is comfort.

The Approach has a five-point adjustable fit that allows each dog to be properly fitted. The under straps and chest straps are cushioned to avoid friction and discomfort caused by weight shifting when walking or jogging. Around nightfall, the shiny accent is very attractive. The hand loop in the center was popular with dog owners who wanted to assist their dogs with water crossings or encourage them to share the route with a gentle push.

The hand loop and back clip provide extra attachment places for the leash. Users beware of double-bag any food items if they end up in the water and the owners also liked the pricing, which is a reasonable amount that does not increase with the dog’s size, which is ideal for us giant dog owners. Overall, this pack will come in helpful on the trail this year, lowering our backpack burden and instilling a feeling of responsibility in the dogs.

If you choose, you may attach a leash straight to the pack, eliminating the need for a collar.

The bag pack is made up of the following items

  • Shell: 150 denier polyester
  • Harness chassis: Laminated, molded bonded mesh, and perforated foam
  • Buckles: ITW Nexus Airloc side-release buckles
  • Leash Connection Point: Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum V-ring
  • Zippers: YKK reverse coil zipper
  • Made in Vietnam

The RUFFWEAR Approach is the largest pack on our list, making it ideal for long journeys or dogs who require a lot of extra gear to stay comfortable. The Approach has outer accessory loops for securing additional gear, such as wet items or a treat pouch, and roomy saddlebags.


  • Fits well
  • Stays put
  • Rugged
  • Comfortable for the dog


  • The coverage of the harness on my dog’s back gets hot
  • Doesn’t drain water well

3. KURGO Baxter

The KURGO Baxter is a saddlebag-style pack with a 3.75-liter capacity that is meant for dogs weighing between 30 and 85 pounds. While many dog backpacks come in a variety of sizes (small, medium, large, XL), this pack is only available in the Baxter and Big Baxter (for dogs 50-110 lbs.)


This backpack is lined with breathable mesh material that allows air to reach your dog properly. So, if you enjoy hiking on a hot summer day, this is a good option for you. However, this backpack is not suitable for use during the cold winter months because the material is too thin to keep your dog warm in such conditions. It’s also not ideal during the rainy season. The material used in this best dog backpacks is neither water-resistant nor waterproof. As a result, your dog will almost certainly get soaked if he wears this in the rain. However, you can use a waterproof spray to spray the fabric. This spray works well, but it must be purchased separately.

The KURGO Dog Backpack comes as a harness and two saddles (much like most other dog backpacks), although you cannot separate the harness from the saddles, which would have given this backpack some extra points. With this, if you want to take a rest, you’d have to remove the whole bag. Taking off and putting the bag back on several times on one trail can get exhausting. You’d also have to carry a collar or another harness to hook his leash to while you rest, which increases your gear and inconvenience.

This backpack comes with a handle. The handle is strong enough for you to lift your dog with, or at least that’s what they said. We won’t advise you to raise your dog from his back even with this handle. You’ll be putting too much stress on his rib cage.

The KURGO Dog Backpack is available in three different colors; red, blue, and black/orange. We like the first two colors, red and blue. That’s because, they are very bright, high-vis colors. The last one is not.

The KURGO Baxter is a sleek volume ideal for day hikes or a weekend in the backcountry with your dog. It’s simple to dial in a custom fit thanks to the five adjustment points and moveable saddlebags. Because these features are usually associated with a higher price tag, the Baxter is a great deal. Because this backpack isn’t the most padded on our list, keep an eye out for hotspots if your dog will be wearing it for an extended period. However, if you only go on short hikes, you won’t find a better deal.


  • There’s enough space inside for all of your essentials.
  • A lifetime warranty
  • 8 different adjustment points ensure a perfect fit every time.


  • If your dog is long-haired, their hair could get caught in the buckles sometimes and that could be quite painful.
  • This backpack is not for chewy dogs as they can destroy it with their teeth in a short time.

4. Outward Hound DAYPACK

The bulk of this best dog backpacks is made with mesh material basically, “mesh” is polyester fabric. The only difference is that mesh is net-like.


Each side of this backpack has two pouches. This is how the pouches are set up to create balance. This also implies that the weights in each pouch must be equal. Your dog will pull the weight from one side if you don’t put equal weights in each pouch, which is bad for his spinal cord. This backpack also has a small chest strap and two underbelly straps. One of the underbelly straps connects to the chest strap. The second strap runs from one end of the bag to the other, joining at the other side’s end rather than in the middle.

Blue and green are the two colors available for this dog backpack and the blue and green shades used are quite bright, making them colors with a lot of visibility. These colors will help you see your dog more clearly in low-light situations, such as at night. If you’ve ever stayed out late with your dog, you know how stressful it can be to keep an eye on him. As the sun sets, it becomes more difficult to see him. It won’t be the case with these colors. It can be especially difficult to find a suitable backpack for a smaller dog.

The saddlebags are lightweight and compact, making them more manageable for small breeds. The Daypack has the smallest chest girth of any backpack on our list, and the Daypack fits the smallest chest girth of any backpack on our list. The Daypack isn’t ideal for multi-day trips due to its small capacity and lack of padding.


  • Very breathable
  • This dog backpack has expandable pockets.


Adjustable Straps Too Long, They Dangle

  • The straps on this backpack are extremely adjustable, but they are also extremely long.
  • The belt is left dangling

5. ONE TIGRIS Hoppy Camper

Hiking with your dog can be a fascinating experience. You and your four-legged companion get to enjoy nature together. The One Tigris Hoppy Camper is a best dog backpacks with a vintage look.

It has two large main compartments for all of your pet’s hiking necessities. Food, snacks, bowls, water, and toys for your dog can be stored in both compartments. You can also keep the first-aid kit and any other medications your pet might require on the trail. A zippered sleeve is located inside each of the main compartments. This is ideal for storing your dog’s belongings. A semi-open pocket is also included on the compartment’s exterior. This is ideal for storing some of your dog’s favorite items however This pocket can keep the dog’s leash or paw balm.


Made of cotton canvas fabric there are three sets of straps on the One Tigris. There is one around the neck and a pair on the belly. This helps secure the bag on the dog’s back. The Top panel of the canvas features a grab handle. Unfortunately, this is not designed for lifting the dog. Its construction limits it as an additional control to the leash. Speaking of the leash, there are two attachment points on the backpack. Both of these are found on the top panel. The positioning of the attachment points suggests that this system works best for dogs that do not pull on their lead. The Important features are

  • 2-position D-ring leash attachment
  • 2 zippered main compartments with built-in sleeves
  • 2 semi-open pockets
  • Neck and belly straps

The One Tigris Dog Backpack gives your hiking dog a way to carry their belongings. It has two large compartments that can hold many of your pet’s necessities. Dog food, medications, pet poop bags, snacks, toys, and other items fall into this category. It is, however, critical to keeping in mind the maximum weight that your pet should be able to carry.

Giving your dog more than 10% of its body weight is a good rule to follow. As a result, if your dog weighs 40 pounds, its backpack should not exceed 4 pounds. Check out the One Tigris Hoppy Camper if you want your dog to be the talk of the trail. The Hoppy Camper’s canvas construction gives it a classic rucksack look and makes it one of the more durable backpacks available.


  • Durable
  • Affordable (usually on sale)
  • Well-padded, stylish


  • Not as adjustable as some
  • Not as breathable
  • No reflective details
  • Heavier than others


In the end, carrying a backpack carrier with you is always recommended. But, if you are confused about finding the best fit for your dog to wear, you should check out our reviews first. Measure your dog carefully, and you’ll be able to get the best travel pack of your choice. We recommend The Mountain Smith K9 Dog Pack is our top choice of best dog backpacks carrier overall! This updated Mountain smith Dog Pack features four adjustable points to keep your best friend chaff–free and balanced.

More precisely, if you want a Well-padded, stylish Durable Affordable (usually on sale) then go with ONE TIGRIS Hoppy Camper. So, be cautious while choosing a day pack for your pet; otherwise, you’ve to compromise on the functionalities of a poorly manufactured item for your buddy.

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