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5 Best Dog Backpacks For Hiking

Hikes with a dog are usually more enjoyable. Some dogs will even carry their weight, whether water and snacks for a day journey or food and beds for a multi-day trek. Any sort of travel with your dog is enjoyable, but traveling with dogs necessitates the purchase of extra materials. Rather than adding to the weight of your hiking bag, you may need to purchase Best Dog Backpacks For Hiking.

These little backpacks are comfortable to wear and enable dogs to carry part of their food, water, and supplies. There are several low-quality alternatives on the market, much as with a lot of hiking gear, that won’t provide you with what you need. The best dog backpacks for hiking provide comfort, stability, and durability during your outdoor travels. We’ve compiled a list of the best five hiking dog backpacks. Let’s start the celebrations!

Our 5 Best Dog Backpacks For Hiking

EZY Dog Summit Dog Backpack – Best Overall

His dog, her dog, your dog, all our dogs can wear this backpack. It has no consequences to specific breed types or body types. However, we know that dogs are still very much individuals. Because of that, we suggest that you see your vet before getting this backpack.


This dog hiking backpack is perfect for those who wish to go trekking or jogging with their dog without being burdened by their possessions. The majority of this backpack is made with ripstop material. Ripstop fabric refers to woven fabric, most times, made with nylon.

Normally, we wouldn’t talk about something as small as zippers, like, every single backpack on earth has zippers. We’re talking about this one because it’s quite special, it’s waterproof! Not exactly the zippers, but the zippers are covered completely by the ripstop material (which is waterproof). So, once you zip the bag, no moisture is getting in. Cool, right? With this backpack, your dog can go swimming, and everything inside will remain as they were and that’s the reason it’s among Best Dog Backpacks For Hiking.

Anyone who hikes knows how many items they need to bring with them: water, phone, sunscreen, insect spray, dog water toy, change of clothing, snacks, etc. Carrying all of these things around maybe rather taxing. This backpack is available in three different color combinations: black, red, and red/gray. We like this because it’s a mixture of colors, giving you the power of choice. All of them are nice; however, before picking one, you have to look at where and when you want to use it. If you intend to use the backpack at night, out in the woods, stay away from black. Because, in that situation, you want something that will enable your puppy to stand out, making it easy for you to see him.

On the other hand, if you live in a big city with lights everywhere, or you only take your puppy out in daylight, you need not bother about the color of the backpack. That’s because the lights already make it easy to see your pup. If you prefer keeping a low profile amid so many high-rise buildings, you should go for the black. You’ll see your dog still, but you both wouldn’t have to be so outshining. The leash attachment on this backpack is unique. The backpack comes with two metal D-rings to attach your leash. What’s unique is the way they are located.

The backpack allows you to use the front-placed ring, making the backpack act as a front, no-pull harness. It also can use the ring placed on top, making the backpack act like a normal harness. This might be a nice daypack if you can get it to suit your dog correctly without limiting their mobility. To prevent the straps from loosening up, some individuals stitch them to the appropriate length. Look no further for your escape artist, a lengthy journey, or just a high-quality pack that fits well.


  • Rugged and sturdy
  • Main pockets are waterproof, while smaller, easy-access pockets are also waterproof.
  • It’s simple to put on, just slip it over your head and clasp it under your tummy.
  • It doesn’t revolve around the dog.
  • It’s small and light, with just enough storage for a day hike.


  • It’s difficult to find the right match.
  • Sizing is generous.

Ultimate Direction Dog Vest [Runner Up] – Premium Choice

In creating performance-improving products for self-propelled endurance athletes, including hydration packs and handheld water carriers, Ultimate Direction brings the same approach to crafting gear for adventurous pups. And, for mutts on the move, Ultimate Direction’s Dog Vest is a streamlined system for carrying trail essentials. Made from rip-stop nylon, the pack features two expandable pockets (with a 10.3-liter capacity in the largest size); each is also outfitted with external zippered compartments for smaller items. Two rings offer the option to attach a leash on the front or back, while the multi-point harness helps ensure a comfortable fit, and the vest even comes with an easy-to-stash collapsible dog bowl.


The best trail vest for your best friend – The Ultimate Direction Dog Vest is jam-packed with features that will keep you and your pup happy on long back country excursions. Two expandable main compartments (7.2L to 8.6L) offer plenty of space for food, water, and whatever else they may need, while two side-stash pockets give you quick and easy access to poop bags or a leash.

A fully-adjustable multi-point harness allows you to dial in a comfy, secure fit and includes both top and front leash attachments. The UD Dog Vest is built from reinforced ripstop nylon with strategically-placed 4-way stretch mesh for durable comfort and breathability, comes in three different sizes, and includes a collapsible bowl to keep your fur baby running – all you have to do is keep up. Best Dog Backpacks For Hiking is a great way to keep your dog equipped on long trail runs. Also, the extra weight gives you half a chance of keeping up with him.


  • Sleek
  • Can potentially hold 2 liters water
  • Comes with 2 bowls


  • No padding on the straps
  • All new material only, no recycled

Lifeunion Adjustable Service Dog Supply Backpack

Any dog can wear the Lifeunion Dog Backpack. In theory, all dogs can use this backpack, as long as the size is available that fits them. However, we always advise that you see your vet before getting your dog a backpack. Only your vet will be able to determine if it’s good for him or not, considering his age, health status, etc. If your vet has given you the go-ahead, you need to stick with us as we go through the features, including the sizes available and how to pick the right size.


This backpack is made with polyester material. Polyester is mainly used to make dog raincoats, but it’s used in making this particular backpack. Straight out of that fact, we can tell that polyester is a water-resistant material. It is quite an oversell from the manufacturers because they called this waterproof, but polyester is not waterproof. Also, a backpack with zips and stitch holes cannot be waterproof. But anyway, polyester is quite tough and durable. That means that this backpack would be able to power through tough terrains without getting torn or ripped.

Another material used to make this is “sandwich air net,” a fancy name for net-like polyester material. What this does is that it makes the backpack breathable, allowing for air to get to your dog properly. This is particularly helpful when the trail gets hot. With this backpack, you are spoilt for choices. There are four different colors available which you can choose from. They include blue, green, orange, and red colors.

The great thing about these colors is that they are all very functional. Functional in the sense that they are all bright, high-visibility colors. The backpack also comes with 4 reflective stripes. Reflective stripes are pieces of fabric that glow in the dark. We put it alongside color because those features work together to provide good visibility. This backpack comes with a handle on top of the backpack and two straps. Although it looks like it, the top handle is not for lifting the dog; if you do that, you’ll be putting too much pressure on his ribcage. Also, the handle might break mid-air, sending your dog crashing to the ground, which can never be a good thing.

Rather, the handle is there to help you control your dog quickly. You know, minor things like dragging him away from danger or keeping him from chasing a squirrel. There are two straps; the first is a cross-chest strap. That means that you have two straps that come through his shoulders and chest, joined by another coming from underneath his chest. The second strap runs across his under-belly. The cross-chest strap provides good weight distribution as it resembles how we humans carry our backpacks. Also, together with the under-belly strap, it keeps the backpack from slipping.


  • Easily adjust the straps with the addition of weights.
  • Easily visible.


  • This dog backpack is not durable enough to endure tough trails.
  • The bag does not seem to stay balanced. It keeps sliding to the heavier side.

Wellver Dog Hiking Backpack

The Well Dog Hiking Backpack is a three-season backpack that is lightweight. It includes a breathable center mesh and a silky mesh lining to keep your dog cool and comfortable on the trails.


Any dog can wear this backpack. However, it would help if you saw your vet first to confirm. We can only give you the general look of things. Only your vet, who knows your dog’s medical history, will be able to tell for sure whether this backpack is good for him or not. Besides that, the backpack is available in sizes from small to medium to large. So, your dog will, most likely, find something in his size here. Aside from the strip of fabric that carries the handle and leash attachment, the top of this backpack is made with mesh material. If you don’t already know, mesh refers to net-like fabric, mostly polyester.

Because it’s net-like and contains a lot of holes, this material makes any backpack breathable. This is healthy when you go out on a hot summer day as it prevents overheating, which only brings bad consequences such as aggressiveness. However, if the day is very hot and there’s no sign of wind, the mesh won’t do much. In such cases, you’ll need to put some frozen bottles into the backpack on both sides to cool him down. These two features — the handle and leash attachment — are responsible for keeping your dog in check and controlling him. The handle is to control him when he’s close by and in emergency cases. The leash attachment is to attach your leash for when he’s a bit distant and just for general control.

Now, the handle is not padded, making it harsh on your palm. However, we feel that’s a good thing because it will discourage you from using it until necessary. It would help if you didn’t use the handle to carry your dog for a long time. After a while, you’ll be putting too much pressure on your dog’s small ribcage, which is never advised. Aside from that, there’s a risk that the handle can break. Imagine carrying your dog high up the ground, and the handle breaks. Tragic.

The Welliver Saddle Dog Backpack provides a lot of choices in the form of colors available. There are six different color combinations available for you to pick from: blue/white, green/grey, green/white, grey/black, red/black, and finally, yellow/grey. Out of the six, a few stand out for us, the blue/white and the green/white, because they are both bright, hi-vis colors. The rest do equally okay, too, except the grey/black for obvious reasons. For the colors of a backpack to be regarded as functional, they have to be bright enough to make it easier for you to see your puppy when it’s dark.

The Welliver Saddle Dog Backpack is available in 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large. To find the right size for your puppy, you’ll need to measure his girth. Your dog’s girth refers to the circumference around the widest area of his chest. After measuring your dog’s girth, you’ll need to compare his measurements with the company’s sizing chart to determine the size that matches. We’ve attached the size chart beneath this sub for your perusal. If you can’t find any for your dog, you might find something for your dog in the alternatives section.


  • The fabric is washable that makes it easy to clean
  • Breathable middle mesh and soft mesh lining that offers pet comfort
  • Equipped with straps that makes it easy to put on and off


  • Size may vary

PAWABOO Dog Hiking Backpack

Check out the PAWABOO Dog Hiking Backpack if you have a medium-sized dog.


The Pet Backpack/Front Carrier is designed to securely carry small dogs and cats on your back or front. Your pet sits upright, facing forward, with its legs and tail out. It features horizontal straps to reduce pressure on your shoulders. Wide shoulder straps and thickened foam padding enhance your comfort. Pawaboo upgraded security on this design from their previous version. They coupled their three-point safety belt design with zippers and snaps on both sides. This provides double protection to prevent pets from accidentally jumping out of the backpack/front carrier.

The Pet Backpack/Front Carrier is constructed from durable polyester fabric and polyester mesh. We love the Pawaboo Pet Backpack/Front Carrier because it can be worn as a backpack or a front carrier and has padding on the shoulders and a horizontal strap to distribute your pet’s weight more comfortably. Finally, its safety features, including a three-point safety belt design and an adjustable leash to buckle on your dog or cat’s collar or harness, make this backpack a must-buy pet accessory.


  • A three-point safety belt design
  • An adjustable leash


  • Determining the appropriate size for your pet may be difficult.


The key to finding the right backpack for your dog is to check for customer reviews and carefully consider your choices’ features. Regardless of what you choose, having a dog hiking backpack and going on hikes together will be a great bonding moment for you and your fur baby. The most important thing is that both of you enjoy the experience and your dog is comfortable with the backpack.

Expert Tip

How much weight can your dog carry with its backpack? It is recommended that a dog not carry more than 25% of their weight, and if they are new to wearing a backpack, it is best to start light and work their way up.

Did You Know?

Even tiny dogs can benefit from a challenge and are just as capable of carrying extra weight as larger dogs. The Ultimate Direction Dog Vest [Runner Up] comes in miniature sizes, so make sure you adapt the weight to your dog’s size and weight, and then your little puppy will be good to go!

Happy adventures!


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