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Are Snakes Afraid Of Cats? Interesting Facts (2022)

Are snakes afraid of cats? While snakes have a reputation for being violent and frightening creatures, this does not rule out the possibility that they are terrified of sneaky animals bigger than themselves. A snake may be frightened by various things, and it’s quite probable that one of them is a cat.

Snakes will attempt to stay away from cats. If the snake cannot flee, it will engage in defensive actions such as hissing, rearing up, shaking its tail, and striking. Cats terrify snakes because they move rapidly, attack with claws and fangs, and are much bigger than most snakes.

Cats come in various characteristics, with some being more inquisitive or aggressive than others. Snakes are the same way. When a snake confronts a cat in the wild, the more aggressive it is, the more likely it is to turn protective.

What Keeps Snakes Away Outside?

Ammonia is often used to deter snakes. Snakes dislike the scent of ammonia and will avoid it. Place the rags in ammonia-sealed plastic bags. Snakes are often located in bags near where they are often seen, so keep them away from such.

Will Cats Protect You From Snakes?

Foxes and raccoons, two natural predators, hunt snakes. Guinea hens, turkeys, pigs, and cats may help keep snakes at bay. If fox urine is native to your region, it is an extremely powerful natural snake deterrent when distributed about your property.

Can Cats Kill Snakes?

Are snakes afraid of cats? Because my cats have spent most of their lives indoors and, aside from short bursts of play/hunt activity, spend most of their days sleeping on my lap, it’s difficult to imagine them as exceptional hunters. On the other hand, Cats are skilled hunters, a title they wore proudly before and after domestication.

As a result, they were frequently hired as mousers and pest controllers on ships and farms.

Finding dead animals on your doorstep may not come as a surprise if you have an outdoor cat or a group of cats living on your farm or property, but it may prove that they’re doing their job well. Cats prey on mice and birds, but what about snakes? Could they ever catch these silent, slithering creatures? Yes, in a nutshell, but things are rarely that straightforward.

To get to their prey, cats use a variety of hunting techniques. They’ll try to ambush an unsuspecting creature going about its business by crouching to stay hidden and leaping to claim their prey when the time is right.

In some cases, they’ll stalk their prey, stopping a few times to avoid alerting the unsuspecting animal and then leaping and seizing it once they’re within striking distance.

Both strategies can work with snakes, and cats will make sure to kill the snake in question with their deadly claws and teeth. If the snake tries to retaliate, cats, especially those who are familiar with snakes, are capable of jumping up and away from the sudden strike. Cats that have never encountered a snake before might have more difficulty catching and killing snakes and, most importantly, avoiding a snake’s retaliation bite.

While cats enjoy hunting, not all of them will attempt to kill or even pursue a snake. Some people may play with snakes, batting at them and chasing them down, but they never strike a fatal blow. While all cats can kill snakes, not all cats have the means or motivation to do so.

How Can Cats Keep Snakes Away?


Are snakes afraid of cats? Our cats’ hunting skills should allow them to keep snakes at bay, and while many cats are capable of doing so, others are not interested or skilled enough.

“Cats can exhibit individual, or between-phenotype, variation in hunting behavior, and continue to hunt specific prey types even when these prey become scarce,” according to one study. So, if your cat has a thing for snakes, they’ll go after them whenever they get the chance, but if they prefer other kinds of prey, they’ll stay away from them.

Nonetheless, cats’ characteristics can help keep snakes away, both intentionally and unintentionally.

The Smell of Urine

The strong smell of ammonia in urine can give snakes certain information about the environment they’re entering, which could keep them away.

Food Competition

The best way for cats to keep snakes out of their territory is to be good hunters, not necessarily snakes but other small prey. Snakes, like cats, are carnivores, and they typically eat other reptiles, rodents, birds, and rabbits, which is similar to what cats eat.

Cats and snakes are food competitors because they have similar tastes. If you have an outdoor cat allowed to hunt freely, they will most likely act as pest control, reducing the amount of prey in the area.

Snakes may become less interested in staying in your yard or area due to this, and they may seek out a location where they won’t have to share their prey with cats. You might believe that your cat doesn’t hunt or eat other animals because they always have a bowl full of the best cat food treats.

However, in an attempt to estimate the mortality caused by cats, the United States conducted research and discovered that “free-ranging domestic cats kill 1.3–4.0 billion birds and 6.3–22.3 billion mammals annually.” The numbers for feral and stray cats were higher, but it demonstrates that cats impact the critter population.

So, why would snakes try to live in the same place as another efficient hunter? Unless you have a rodent problem, in which case, cat or no cat, they will happily set up shop nearby.


Snakes can also be kept at bay by your cat’s incredible hunting skills. Cats are powerful creatures with significant advantages when it comes to catching snakes.

They can detect chemical substances with no odor thanks to their incredible sense of smell and Jacobson’s organ. Because they can see better than most animals and humans during dawn and dusk, they can easily attack a snake during the darker hours. Snakes may be silent and slithering, but cats can detect both high and low frequencies, making them easy to detect. These abilities, combined with the agility I mentioned earlier, give them an advantage.

Of course, not all cats will kill or eat a snake, but snakes’ move makes them ideal playthings. If your cat enjoys chasing snakes, the constant threat may deter the slithering creatures.

Can Snakes Eat Cats?

Larger snakes, such as boa constrictors and pythons, consume cats and hunt for their prey! Most snakes in North America, on the other hand, are much too tiny to consume snakes.

Why Do Cats Attack Snakes?

Are snakes afraid of cats? Snakes are frightened of cats, and cats are wary of snakes. This is particularly true if the cat has never before seen or interacted with a snake. However, after a cat has mastered its curiosity, it may attack. Because of the following reasons:

Snakes move in a way that entices cats.

They take a long time to move after sitting stationary for a long period. If you’ve ever played with a cat, you know how cats like chasing after moving objects.

Cats like to hunt for fun. 

Even if they aren’t hungry, they will go hunting to bat the prey between their paws.

Cats see snakes as threats. 

If a cat is afraid of snakes, it may become aggressive. Even if the snake is not attacking but is defending itself, it will hiss, scratch, and bite to protect itself.

This isn’t necessarily true since most cats never come into contact with snakes. If they spot a snake, most cats will flee. However, if the cat lives in an area with many snakes, it may get used to them and attack them regularly.

Can Cats and Snakes Live Together?

Even if you keep cats and snakes together for a long time, they will not get along or become friends. They are two completely distinct species that cannot communicate with one another. Snakes are solitary creatures. You should maintain your snake in a room that is free of cats. Keep the door closed at all times to prevent the cat from entering. If you have to remove your snake from its cage, keep your cat in another room.


Are snakes afraid of cats? While cats are capable of killing snakes and, to an extent, keeping them away from your yard, both of these animals will try to avoid each other most of the time. Let’s not forget that it is also our responsibility to keep our feline overlords safe from snakes and deal with a snake situation in our yard on our own. We all know what curiosity did to that one cat, and we don’t want any of that! So, how about you? Have you seen your cat kill a snake, and what are your thoughts on having cats for snake control?



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